Martin Šturm

He has been a golf player and a member of our club since 2011. He has been websites creator for over 20 years. He has been created and maintained our website since 2014.


      Hana Hykšová

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      +420 602 286 006


          Ivan Široký

          He is historically one of the first club members. Due to its function STK is the highest handicap authority of the club. He has been awarded the Referee Golf II qualification. class and golf coach II. class. He is the head coach of the Youth Training Center. He is a multiple club champion in wound and hole play. Within the CGF bodies, the Chairman of the Committee is the Regional Inspection of West Bohemia.

          +420 724 033 455


              Martin Bergmann

              He has been a golf player and a member of our club since 2018.



                  Mgr. Jiří Hykš

                  He has been a member of the Club Committee since November 2012 and has the function of a STK representative. He has been playing golf since 2006. He was an active volleyball player and has been a long-time coach of the second-league team of Děčín volleyball players.



                      Václav Šlemr

                      He has been the secretary of the club since November 2012 and represents the younger blood on the committee. He has been a member of KHGCS since the beginning of 2011.



                          Vladimír Šoltys

                          He has been a member of our club and golf player since 2006. He is also a member of the golf club of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. He was elected to the KHGCS Committee in 2012. In Děčín he is known as a long-time sports functionary and active devotee of tennis and football.

                          +420 724 133 011


                              Jan Kršík

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                              +420 602 566 198


                                  PhDr. Josef Radimecký, Ph.D., MSc.

                                  He is the statutory representative of the club in relation to CGF. He was elected president in November 2012. He has been an active golf player and has been a member of our club since 2004. He failed during his one-year postgraduate studies in London, finding from his colleagues who also help people get rid of substance abuse is not just a sport for the “top 10,000” but also for the “ordinary” people.

                                  +420 724 240 778
                                  Josef Radimecký